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Many medical practices mistakenly believe that their EMR vendor is taking care of the requirements of MU Measure 15. This is simply not true. In fact, it's not possible for an EMR vendor to take care of MU 15 because the measure requires more than what an EMR vendor can do. Most importantly, your EMR vendor cannot supply an analysis of your overall risk nor can they identify security deficiencies because these things require an analysis of overall practice policies. This analysis is a collective effort with the burden being upon the medical practice to determine security risks and document the policies that support the effort to mitigate risk.

An EMR vendor cannot define your policies or create your procedures. Once you mitigate risk through an assessment (which your EMR vendor is not responsible for conducting - you are), then your policies must be created. While it is not impossible for a medical practice to conduct their own Security Risk Assessment, most medical practices simply do not have the resources available or cannot find the time to come up to speed with all of the requirements to conduct a comprehensive Meaningful Use Security Risk Assessment.

Allow Practiem to handle all the specialized tasks that come with performing a complete and compliant risk assessment analysis, allowing you to focus on what you do best - serving your patients and growing your business.

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