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Not every practice can learn at the same pace. Not every practice has the time to commit to the tight training schedule. Practiem's Premium Training package allows your practice more one-on-one time with each member of your staff to make sure they understand the system so that your practice can be up and running much quicker than before.

Clinical staff and providers have the hardest time with EHR adaption. While others in the practice have been working with computerized systems for the last 20 years, doctors, PA's and nurses have been documenting notes much as they have for decades before. With EHR adaption, providers need to embrace the technology and workflow to compete in today's market.

But your training options don't stop after the initial program...

Once the initial training has been completed, your learning has only just begun. You now have the basics of your EHR, but there is much more for you and your staff to learn to take full advantage of this solution. The annual Tune-Up Training package gives your practice a chance to expand your knowledge of what your EHR solution is capable of and can help refine your workflow even further with various shortcuts and effeciencies.

In addition to Tune-up Training, most practices utilize our Customization packages to further customize your EHR solution with workflow enhancements, custom exams, procedures, reports and other specialized features of your EHR solution.

The Tune-Up Training and Customization packages usually occurs anywhere from three to six month after your launch date and continues on an annual basis to keep your staff up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks to make their workflow as effecient as possible. We keep up with the latest updates and upgrades so we can pass that knowledge on to your staff. We also identify those workflow bottlenecks and "bad habits" to insure that your staff is taking advantage of all the tools available to them.

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